Developing Your Most Important Resource: Your Human Resource
    Steven Rosenthal
    Cell: 727-415-0061
The Training Tree, Inc.


The Training Tree, Inc. is an organization dedicated to affordable Human Resources consulting and training in the public sector.  We specialize in all aspects of employee and supervisory training, personnel administration, labor relations, collective bargaining, team building, strategic planning, and organizational development. Our clients represent all forms and subdivisions of governmental agencies. We are located in the Tampa Bay area of Florida and service clients within the southeastern part of the United States. Core activities are concentrated in the State of Florida servicing cities, counties, utility authorities, airports, port authorities, police, fire and sheriff departments.

We often hear the phrase in our business endeavors use the KISS principle and The Training Tree embraces this in everything we do. In terms of the KISS principle, the more complexity we add to anything, be it in purchasing electronics, setting up our policies and procedures, or running our departments the greater the likelihood that something will go wrong or something will be misunderstood.  Our organizations, systems and services are all becoming more complex, yet they depend on our employees to make them effective.  In all of our services we focus on employing the KISS principle in how we develop systems, products and how we train your employees. We don't just say use the KISS principle-we show you how! This is why our systems and training are effective.

We believe in building the competencies necessary for your organization to be a "Service Survivor" in today's public sector. Whether it is in presenting a seminar, developing an appraisal system or conducting a council retreat every product  is custom designed and developed for each individual client by The Training Tree's President, Steve Rosenthal. Our seminar and project descriptions give a broad overview of each service. Ultimately our clients decide what they need to accomplish and we provide the vehicle to get there. We have hundreds of clients and have been providing consulting and training services for over twenty years. Check our website and you will see our list of present seminars and Human Resources services. Whether it is developing job descriptions, restructuring a department, recruiting personnel, writing a policy handbook, or running your next strategic planning session consider The Training Tree for your Human Resources needs. We provide on-site services and provide program and system development on a contract basis. If you need an HR project done but don't have the staff or time to do it simply give us a call. Our latest endeavor is the creation of a conflict abatement system. Check it out in our News and Events section.

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