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Kindle Books-This past six months has been a busy time for me in publishing over a dozen business e-books. In 2017 I will also be publishing some fiction books. You can follow me on my author's website  All my books, promotions, and future projects will be listed there. My author’s page on Amazon where you can find all my Kindle books listed in one place is listed below:

As of December 2016 here is my current list of books:

SimplySmart Selling: You Can Sell Anything- Learn It for Life (Consultant in a Box Series) (2016)

Ambassador Customer Service: Moving The Chess Pieces (Consultant in a Box Series) (2016)

You Can Negotiate Anything: Learn It For Life (Consultant in a Box Series) (2016)

Leadervision: Anyone Can Be A Leader (2016)

The Ten Commandments of Supervision (2016)

SimplySmart Management I (2016)

SimplySmart Management II (2016)

SimplySmart Management III (2016)

SimplySmart Management I-III Box Set Omnibus Edition (2016)

The Supervisory Minibook Series (2016)

·       Critical Thinking Is Critical

·       Put a CAP on Conflict

·       Why You Need An Orientation

·       Brainstorming: The Power of the Many

·       Common Sense Team Building

Boxed Sets (2016)

Essential Business Skills Box Set- (Consultant in a Box Series)-Three Titles SimplySmart Selling: You Can Sell Anything- Learn It for Life, Ambassador Customer Service: Moving The Chess Pieces, You Can Negotiate Anything: Learn It for Life

Supervision & Leadership Box Set-Two Titles: Leadervision: Anyone Can Be A Leader and The Ten Commandments of Supervision.

Supervisory Minibook Series Box Set-Five titles –see above listing

I'd be very grateful if you'd post a short review on Amazon, if you read any of my books. Your support really makes a difference, and I read all the reviews, personally, so I can get your feedback and make future books even better.

Check my author's website for the latest promotions (free and reduced priced books) and news concerning new books and future projects. If you read one of my books I'd be very grateful if you'd post a short review on Amazon. Your support really makes a difference, and I read all the reviews, personally, so I can get your feedback and make and future books even better.

"Super Session" Supervisory Series-Ten Topics-New for 2016.

Just Developed-A Full Supervisor Series of 1.5 hour classes (NEW-One and a half hour format can train hundreds in a single day. Larger groups, fewer sessions and lower costs-location must be compatible for this format with microphone and PowerPoint availability. Choose from any of these topics:  1-Supervisory    Excellence, 2-The Four Steps of Leadership, 3-Doing Workplace Investigations and Fact Finding, 4-Customer Service: Making The Transition From Regulator to Enabler, 5-Ethical Decision Making: The Public Trust, 6-Problem Solving: Navigating Around The Decision Traps, 7-Performance Evaluation: It's More Than A Form, 8-Discipline & Documentation, 9-Getting Things Done: Gaining Closure, 10-Managing Meetings


Put A "CAP©" On Conflict-A Conflict Abatement System


This is one of our latest offering. Available after Oct. 1, 2015. We have been developing this system to address this huge concern in the workplace. Have our organization present a unique one day training program to your supervisors and managers. This process is presented for both public and private sector clients. Inevitably, in every organization, there comes a time when internal conflict between employees becomes an issue that requires immediate attention. Preconceived notions, misinformation, and long standing personal feuds can be contributing factors to personal conflict in the workplace. We believe that alternatives to conflict can be realized in every work environment if supervisors and managers are trained in processes that are effective in resolving issues.

Don't let unacceptable behavior and conflict persist in your organization. Teach your supervisors to use the CAP©  system to control and manage conflict in your workplace. This system is presented by a team of facilitators who have used these techniques for years. Steve Rosenthal, President of the Training Tree and Rich Samolewicz, a former HR Director , Labor Negotiator, and Certified Florida Supreme Court Circuit Civil and County Court Mediator will present the sessions.


Below is an outline of the one day CAP program for supervisors and managers.

Step 1- You will learn how to identify critical conflicts and the necessity for resolving them. We review all you will have to do as a facilitator in preparing your participants prior to sitting down and "capping" the conflict.


Step 2- You will learn how to meet with your participants-how to begin the dialogue-how to eliminate the "emotional noise" of the conflict. You will learn how to instruct your parties on developing their behavioral lists. For our public sector we will show you how to work the process without creating public documents.


Step 3- At this step you will learn how to facilitate the process of negotiating the lists, keeping the dialogue process positive, and turning the lists into agreements.


Step 4- Here you will learn how to monitor the actions taken by both parties. We will teach you what are the typical issues that arise and how to facilitate an amending of the agreements. 

Keynote Speaking


If you need a keynote address, a speaker for a conference or someone to facilitate a process for you we have been providing these services for years.Whether it is a visioning process, strategic planning initiative or a leadership development program Steve with his "entertrainment" style has provided these consistently to clients everywhere. You can use your own agenda or we can develop one for you. In 2014 Steve delivered three keynote addresses and presented at least a half dozen state and national conferences. 

We have numerous new seminar offerings for 2015. All of them were generated from client requests that gave us the incentive to develop these titles. We are always interested in hearing your thoughts or suggestions for new seminar offerings or projects. Drop Steve an e-mail or give him a call to share your thoughts. Check out a few of our newest offerings for 2015.

Doing Workplace Investigations and Fact Finding


This new seminar comes in a three hour and 1.5 hour "Super Session" version.  In this offering Steve teaches your supervisory staff how to do fact finding for a multitude of workplace occurrences. Steve shares with supervisors his checklists and reviews how to: Find  the Facts-Do Preliminary Interviews-Start Documentation-Alert the Chain of Command-Create Your Fact Finding Checklist-Start Your Documentation File-Plan your Questions-Secure Witness Documentation-Listen and Take Notes-Ask the Right Questions-Get the Facts-How To Get Statements-Moving Your Information Up The Chain.

Emotional Quotient- EQ or EI


This three hour seminar investigates the subject of EQ/EI. Can your EQ affect your success at work? Can you develop it to work for you and not against you? Your Emotional Quotient (EQ) also called  Emotional Intelligence (EI) is your ability to deal effectively with other people based on an understanding of their feelings, as well as your own emotions. People with well developed EQ/EI are more effective communicators with stronger healthier relationships. They are able to "read people and situations" more accurately allowing them to react more appropriately. Does this translate to better leadership or supervisory value to your organization? Steve will guide you through the last few years of "buzz" about EQ. Each participant will have an opportunity to take a diagnostic instrument rating their EQ/EI. 



Generating Ideas: Unleash Creativity and Empower Your People


This three hour session investigates ways you can unleash the creativity of your personnel to achieve greater productivity. The seminar focuses on how any supervisor can start their employees thinking creatively and for themselves.  Communicating in a different way to foster independent and group thinking will build a stronger team of employees. Better decision making and problem solving are an outgrowth  of our new seminar on Generating Ideas!  


Thinking Like A Boss: Do You Have The Mindset To Be A Supervisor or



This new seminar approaches the question we hear throughout almost any workforce-"I want to get promoted."  Can you do the job if you do get promoted into a supervisory or management position?  Do you want to do that kind of job? Steve will take your supervisory hopefuls onto a realistic journey of whether they have what it takes to do the work and stand up to the pressure.  

How Do You Present Training Inexpensively When Dollars Are Tight?


That issue is on the minds of most of our clients so let me outline some strategies that are currently being used by my clients around our State.  To deal with large group training for those mandatory topics of training we have developed “Super Sessions” on frequently requested topics.  You can train your whole staffs in one or two days with these 1.5 hour sessions as listed below.  To maximize your cost effectiveness you can partner with neighboring jurisdictions and pool resources to accomplish what you need to get done.  If you have an interest in doing this give Steve a call and he can brainstorm with you how easily this can be accomplished.  The difference between the three hour seminars and these sessions can best be summed up by the amount of participation from the audience. The "Super Sessions" are more about "presentation" with less time for "participation." While the smaller three hour sessions always have exercises and cases to complete by the participants. These are the “Super Sessions” most often asked for:  


Super Sessions- Remember to complete your mandatory training and address issues of importance with these  offerings of High Energy-“entertrainment.”


     Customer Service-Ambassadorship- From “first contact” impressions this program provides the refinement of communication techniques and customer service skills to create a culture of service excellence.  Every employee needs to be an ambassador to citizens and visitors alike.  This seminar focuses on skills needed, obstacles to overcome and achieving success.


     Creating a Harassment Free Environment -This workshop is custom designed to acquaint participants with the social issue of sexual and other forms of harassment and is keyed to your policy. 


     Differences Are US -This diversity workshop is custom designed to acquaint participants  with the trends and changing realities of the face of America.


     Supervisory Awareness-This refresher course will update senior supervisors and new supervisors alike.  The seminar focuses on the necessary skill sets for supervising effectively in the public sector.  Focus is placed on how the role and challenges for supervisor has changed in the public sector and what is necessary now?


     Beyond Who Moved My Cheese-Adapting to Change in Challenging Times—This course focuses on the concept of change, recognizing it and moving your organization in the right direction.  Recapping the message from the mega-hit Who Moved My Cheese,  by Spenser Johnson, Steve presents the group changes that have impacted serving the public and what it will take to insure your organization’s survival in providing services in the future. 


     Retention Anxiety 2014 -  The current version of the seminar that originated in 2010 addressing the issues of present employee concern over the economy and working for government.   Are your employees frustrated that their budgets still haven't returned to pre-2007 levels. The raises aren’t big enough for them to make up the "lost ground." The overall outlook is still one of austerity and concern?  Are they tired of being told that they should be happy they have a job? You are not alone.  This latest version will give them a well deserved “jolt” of humor and reality as we present a humorous presentation with a message about focus, change, and the new reality in government service delivery we will have to learn to understand.  Let Steve “entertrain” your employees in these new “Super Sessions” where large groups can hear the message! 


     Doing Workplace Investigations and Fact Finding-New in 2015-This step by step approach addresses the most common fact finding and investigations a supervisor must master. It supplies each participant checklists for a successful approach to fact finding and investigations.